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Largest selection of pintail longboards made in USA! Quality hard rock maple wood. We are updating new pintail longboard shapes and graphics on a daily basis. Don't see what you want send us a shape and we will add it to the lineup of pintail longboards for people to pick from. Start your own custom pintail longboard by picking a blank shape and choose from hundreds of Fusion Longboard graphics ready for you to ride. Why ride the pintail longboard that is mass produced we can make you a original pintail longboard that only you will have. Be original try making your own pintail longboard today.

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We make the pintail longboards in our own factory. Making longboard skateboards since 1999. All of our longboards are made in Sothern California with quality maple veneer. All pintails are the highest quality longboards decks or completes that money can buy. Look no further if you don't see it here we can make it. With our own custom longboard factory we can build any shape size longboard you want. We can even make custom graphics for you as well.

Our longboard store is dedicated to bringing you quality boards made in USA with years of experience and all the latest equipment and technology. All of our prints are made in our factory. So it is true to say that we are a one stop shop for longboard skateboards. Check out our latest graphics and shapes we are updating our shapes sizes and graphics on a daily basis. If you have a idea for a shape then send it to us and we can consider adding it to our line of longboard shapes. All shapes are made with production in mind. Making longboards is not easy and that is why most big brands ask us to make them for them after they have tried to make them themselves.

We allow you to make your own pintail longboard with any graphic or any shape you want. Custom pintail longboards for you with American quality crafmanship behind it. We build longboards in our own factory here in the USA. Quality longboard decks and custom longboards factory direct. While most are importing product we are true to skateboarding roots where they originated from we are the creators of skateboarding and longboarding and should be kept here at all cost.

Browse new pintail longboards made in our factory.

vander longboard trucks
suspension longboard truck vander longboard truck vander longboard truck company
Vander longboard trucks made this sweet suspension longboard truck for a smooth rider and you can adjust the hanger angle so no more buying different base plates to change the way it turns. Call us to order!  

Another stander reverse kingpin longboard truck. Vander truck co made this truck so that you can get a truck made in USA. So many truck companies make their trucks overseas and this one is made in USA

    If you need a low truck so you have a lower center of gravitiy this is the one. Vander truck co made in USA will give you quality without outsourcing to other countries.
More longboard shapes and graphics to choose from. We are adding more shapes and graphics on a daily basis. Check out our daily deal with the hot new shape of the month. Our new hot shape will be on our site for all to see. We don't Just keep on making the same old longboard over and over. We like to keep it fress so you will always get some original longboard skateboard without looking like the other guy. You want to have what others want. If you are getting a one of a kind longboard you will be the only one with that shape and graphic. We allow you to make your own shape and pick from hundreds of graphics we have to offer. Yes this site is new and growing and soon you will see a create your own board option so you can make your own shape and even your own graphic to upload. We stamp all the boards with a Defuse Logo so even if you want your photo of your own face you will still have the stamp of aproval of Defuse Longboards.
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